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Photos by Heather DiPiazza, Josh Carrigan  & Christopher McDonald

A little bit more about me....

I love shopping at thrift stores & flea markets, I have a strong affinity for Indian patterns & color combinations, French neoclassical music, beautiful textures, cats, British television, PBS Newshour, our church family in West Philly & Center City, and did I mention cats?

About Me

I feel like the camera is an extension of my heart and a means for bringing joy into the lives of others.

Throughout my entire life, I've always felt the most alive and

the most free while in the midst of creating.

Besides being a photographer I'm also a pianist and a retired oboist. I like working with my hands and creating something out of nothing. One of my biggest life passions is interior design.

I've been married to my husband Christopher since July 2009 and he often works as my second shooter. He's a talented musician, audio engineer & cinematographer and has a beautiful & loving heart for serving others. We're both originally from Pittsburgh but we've lived in Philadelphia since our wedding. In early 2019, we welcomed our daughter Cecily into the world and love being parents. We love our neighborhood and we love the community of people that we have around us.


If you're looking to have a wedding or portrait session photographed, I would love to hear from you. I'd love the opportunity to get to know you and discuss details over a cup of coffee or tea.


Let's chat.


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